Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness - PlayStation 4


The Pangalactic Federation's mission is nearly complete — establishing peace and order throughout the galaxy. However, there is a hiccup in the plan, as the embers of conflict are starting to burn again on the planet of Faykreed. 6,000 light years from Earth, this system is the setting for the latest chapter in the ocean of stars.

The epic, sci-fi role-playing saga of Star Ocean is back with a fifth exciting chapter. Set between the second and third games, Integrity and Faithlessness has you set course for a system 6,000 light years from Earth — the planet of Faykreed. While there has been peace in the galaxy for some time thanks to the Pangalactic Federation, the embers of conflict are beginning to burn once again on Faykreed. Enjoy a seamless gameplay experience by transitioning in and out of battles and dynamic cutscenes in real time, and become immersed in the story, exploration and combat that are blurred together for a cohesive and exhilarating adventure. String together powerful combos of close-up or ranged combat to trigger distance-based skills and take down enemies. Harness special attacks and incorporate them into combos for unbelievable damage. Switch between playable characters on the fly and make use of their moves for additional battle enjoyment. Are you ready for an all-new Star Ocean experience?

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