Verification & Authentication Process

IMPORTANT: Prior to checking out. The Pc Connect Store requires a valid mobile # that can receive text messages or a valid Email address. This verification system is for your protection in making sure you authorized the transaction. The order confirmation page will ask you to input a CODE that was sent to your mobile phone in a Text form. Insert the CODE to confirm the order was authorized by you. SEE EXAMPLE BELOW. If you don't receive a Text or Email validation link please contact our support team at
Failure to provide accurate information will result in NON DELIVERY & CANCELLATION OF THE ORDER WITHIN 24 HOURS
This is a required step to process the ACTIVATION CODE(S) OR DOWNLOAD LINK(S) SECURELY. Sending emails isn't a reliable source to send customers information regarding their order(s) due to internet providers spam filtering.

CONSUMER(S) PRIVACY ACT The Pc Connect Store follows all state and local Privacy laws. Please note making a false or fraudulent statement against this entity is protected by civil & legal prosecution against the alleged said party or parties. 
NOTE: Under consumer privacy protection laws, customers information will never be sold or distributed to anyone or any business ,unless we are subpoenaed by law officials requesting your information only for illegal activity. We will also inform you of the subpoena request made by the court.