Dying Light - PlayStation 4


Who would have thought there'd ever come a time when desperately searching the environment for what little resources you can find to survive was your idea of relaxing? While the daylight hours may be filled with scavenging for supplies and weapons, the fact that the sun shines in the sky eases your anxiety, because you know what happens the moment it dips beyond the horizon. With the dying light comes a host of horrors that turn the hunter into the hunted. Hoards of infected become aggressive and increase in numbers, searching for you as you searched for weapons to kill them just hours before. But the infected aren't even the most frightening threat. There's something else out there that lurks in the darkness, a more sinister predator that stalks its prey. You are that prey.

Set in a vast and dangerous open world, Dying Light drops you in the middle of a waking nightmare in a first-person survival horror experience that will have your heart pounding and adrenaline pumping the second night falls. During the day, you're free to roam the expansive urban environment to scavenge for supplies and craft the weapons you need to defend yourself against the victims of a vicious outbreak. A variety of melee weapons, including knives, bats, axes, sledgehammers and more, are at your disposal, as well as guns and other firepower. The sizeable crafting system enables you to create a slew of more powerful, more potent weapons and equipment with specialized ammunition. You'll need every weapon you can lay your hands on to survive the night — when the infected roam free and the night-loving predators begin their hunt. Whether you're tracking prey or evading predators, you can seamlessly leap between buildings, grapple up walls and pounce on enemies with free running movement. With breathtaking visuals and immersive gameplay, powered by Chrome Engine 6, you'll begin to fear the night right along with your character. But your only chance is to face the dying light and use every ounce of wit, skill and courage you have to survive until morning comes.

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