Tearaway: Unfolded - Crafted Edition - PlayStation 4


Atoi the Messenger has been given a very important task — deliver a top-secret message. However, between her and her destination lie numerous challenges, dangerous enemies and more. Will she be able to make it and ensure the safe delivery of her message? Step into the papery shoes of Atoi the Messenger as she embarks on a thrilling quest to deliver a top-secret message in Tearaway: Unfolded. Rescue your friends facing perilous situations and fend off monsters as you strive to complete you quest. Harness the power of your DualShock 4 controller to aid Atoi on her journey — catch items from the TV and throw them back to solve puzzles and knock down enemies, shine the light bar at the TV to guide her through the dark and whip up a windstorm and more by swiping the touch pad. Are you ready to embark on a magical, papery adventure?

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