Singularity - PC


On the remote island of Katorga-12, a dark secret lurks. This hidden island is the site of a catastrophic, Chernobyl-size accident — the Singularity — that fractured time itself. Prepare to travel into a haunting and unsettling environment unburdened by the constraints of ordinary time, where shifting forces will buffet you back and forth from the present to the past and back again. Will you have the strength, the wits and the nerve it will take to harness the forces of time and unravel a deadly conspiracy once and for all? Singularity thrusts you into an ever-shifting world where time as you understand it does not apply. Brace yourself to be hurtled to the past by sudden time waves that jolt you back in time to the year 1950, then send you rocketing back to the present again. Roam through an environment populated by eerie, time-ravaged creatures, and wield the powerful Time Manipulation Device to turn the tide of time in your favor and help you solve the conspiracy that lies at the heart of Katorga-12.

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